A container-based approach to boot a full Android system on a regular GNU/Linux system like Ubuntu.



Waydroid uses Linux namespaces (user, pid, uts, net, mount, ipc) to run a full Android system in a container and provide Android applications on any GNU/Linux-based platform.

The Android inside the container has direct access to needed hardware.

The Android runtime environment ships with a minimal customized Android system image based on LineageOS. The used image is currently based on Android 10




Our development repositories are located on GitHub

Waydroid Repo


Bug Reports can be filed on our repo



Project documentation can be found on our docs repo

(Our docs site is consistently expanding while development is still ongoing. Not all features will be documented as of yet)





full app integration

Waydroid is integrated with Linux, adding your Android apps to your Linux applications folder

multi-window mode

Waydroid expands on Android freeform window definition, adding a number of features


For gaming and full screen entertainment, Waydroid can also be run to show the full Android UI


How To Install
Installing Waydroid is easy


  • python3
  • lxc
  • curl
  • Wayland session manager !!IMPORTANT!!

Replace DISTRO="bullseye" with your current target. Options: focal, bullseye, hirsute

export DISTRO="bullseye" && \
sudo curl https://repo.waydro.id/waydroid.gpg --output /usr/share/keyrings/waydroid.gpg && \ 
echo "deb [signed-by=/usr/share/keyrings/waydroid.gpg] https://repo.waydro.id/ $DISTRO main" > ~/waydroid.list && \
sudo mv ~/waydroid.list /etc/apt/sources.list.d/waydroid.list && \
sudo apt update

Then install Waydroid

sudo apt install waydroid

And start the init process:

sudo waydroid init
Running Waydroid

After installing, you will want to start the waydroid-container service

sudo systemctl start waydroid-container

Then launch waydroid container:

sudo waydroid container start

And launch the session:

waydroid session start

Then launch the waydroid app in full UI mode by running the Waydroid app in the app drawer, or through the terminal:

waydroid show-full-ui

For further instructions, please visit the docs site here


Get in Touch

If you want to get in contact with the developers, please feel free to join the WayDroid groups